Very few people enjoy making their Will, some in fact never make one at all, and a lot of people make one and then leave it there never to look at it again.  So is there really a need to up-date your Will if it is made?  This really depends on a number of factors and how your life has changed  since you last made your Will.  There are a number of standard times when you should look to see do you need to make changes to your Will and these are:

  1. After you get married
  2. After you have children, as they should have guardians and trustees appointed
  3. If you get seperated or divorced
  4. On the death of a spouse and the mutual will no longer applies
  5. If your material circumstances change greatly you might need to look at the tax effectiveness of your original Will

Also if you buy property abroad it is usually advisable to make a Will in the country that you are buying in as you will get the best advise regarding the succession laws of that country.  It is far easier to deal with the matter that way than proving an Irish Will in a foreign country, especially if it does not take into account the rules and regulations that govern inheritances in that country.

If you have any query regarding the making of your Will or the need to up-date it please contact the office and we will be happy to assist you.

Is there ever a need to up-date or change a Will or do a foreign Will

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