Both Vendors and Purchasers need to be aware that since the Waste Water Treatment System (Registration) Regulations came into being that there is a requirement, when selling a a property connected to a domestic waste-water treatment [as defined in the Water Services (Amendment) Act, 2012] including, but not limited to, a septic tank, for the person selling the property to hand over a valid certificate of registration in respect of the treatment system to the purchaser.

There is also an obligation for the Purchaser to notify the water services authority fo the change of ownership after the sale is completed.

Queries regarding the registration of the treatment system should be dealt with before signing of the Contracts for Sale by the Purchaser and a copy of the necessary certificate of registration should be available for inspection, by giving a copy with the Contract.

There are other obligations under the Act regarding the ownership of such a waste water treatment on the property owner and they include a need to ensure that the system does not constitute a rish to human health, or the environment and does not create a risk to water, air, soil, plants or animals.  The system should also not create a nuisance through noise and odour.

Septic Tanks and sale of houses in rural areas

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